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CS AU Week: Day 7 (Bandit!Emma)

He had met her when she had tried to steal from him. He’d been staying in the little port town for a few days between voyages and decided to take a little walk in the woods when suddenly, he was on his knees, a dagger at his throat. She had severely underestimated him and before she could make her demands, he’d had her on the ground, her own dagger pressed against her neck.

He couldn’t see her face, she wore some sort of mask but her eyes were a piercing green (he’d dreamt about them for months after), darting between his, determined and sharp. He’d pulled down the fabric covering half her face with the dagger and then pushed it closer to her neck, forcing her chin up.

"You’re not a very good bandit are you? Attacking an armed man in broad daylight."

She had frowned and had been about to answer when he had heard the clopping of horses behind him. He still isn’t sure what had possessed him to grab her and pull her behind some trees as the carriage passed them. He had then proposed they rob it together and though a little incredulous, she had agreed.

That was the beginning. It had taken a year, many successful heists, a lot of chasing and following her about on his part and her almost dying to get where they were now. Now, he sees her whenever he comes to port and sometimes, when they cannot bear being apart, she sails with him.

He is ridiculously in love with her and late at night when the mask and the leather are gone and it is him and it is her, he is infinitely grateful that she had picked him to steal from that day.

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A/N: *throws confetti* I love AU week! This is inspired by the comments on this post [x]

Words: 2,102
Rating: F for Fluff and P for Pirate Family Feels


CS AU Week: Day 2 — Future!CS AU



Emma had been restless since yesterday, anxiety lodged just below her breastbone and keeping her from sleep. By the 4 AM hour, she’d finally given up on getting even an hour in, slipping from the warmth of Killian’s arms (and their large bed) with the softest of kisses to his lips. He’d stirred in sleep at the contact, breathing out her name as the corners of his mouth tipped up and had made her smile in turn before she’d brushed the hair back from his brow and used a simple charm to keep him with his dreams. (She’d hoped he would dream of her.)

Her gaze had landed on the balcony and she cringed as she turned away. Most evenings, they would keep the doors open, allowing the night and the cool air into their chamber, enjoying the moonlit, seaside view of the land (her land now, Jesus) that stretched out for miles before tumbling into bed together and forgetting about it entirely. In the mornings, she would stand out there before preparing for the day, Killian’s arms tight around her waist as he pressed his lips to the curve of her neck, or by herself before he rose, contemplating the (still) unbelievable circumstances that were her fairytale life. 

She’d stayed away from it this morning though, knowing the gardens below would be decorated for the ceremony and unable to stand the sight of it. She tried not to feel resentment, pushing back her frustration and annoyance. They’d chosen to return to the Enchanted Forest after some years, had gone about restoring the castle and the kingdom, building a new life, and unbeknownst to her at the time, preparing for her to take the crown someday. ‘Someday’ had happened upon them a lot faster than she’d anticipated, much to her chagrin. 

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Colin O’Donoghue jam session The Dust Storm Wrap Party (x)

can we be the guitar?

can we be the guitar pick in his mouth?


holy mary jesus and joseph


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"You know, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but, God, sometimes I think you are just the saddest person in the world. You’re always looking over your shoulder, wondering what life should be instead of taking it for what it is. You’re not honest about what makes you happy."

Zoe & Wade - 2x03 If It Makes You Happy 

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You can’t deny that something is drawing you to each other…repeatedly.

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this is how they came up with the name orange is the new black


this is how they came up with the name orange is the new black

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They look pretty exhausted

What kind of enjoyable activities could they have possibly done before napping?


They look pretty exhausted

What kind of enjoyable activities could they have possibly done before napping?

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"One of the funniest thing on set was when I came out of the elevator and Rumple was hugging Hook."

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Every moment these two kiss is absolute perfection.  

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